Blocked Windows Update on restart

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to share a small tip that can help if your server is stuck on reboot with a Windows patch that don’t want to terminate.

Please use with precaution the tip to not loose data or break the OS.

In my case it was useful on a Windows Server 2019, as it was stuck for 3 hours and more, and the CBS log was growing indefinitely.

You can use ps exec, but we have tasklist that support a remote computer.

To use that way;

tasklist /s remote_computer with the username and password. /u domain\username /p password

tasklist /s remote_computer /u domain\username /p password

After the command we got a list with all PID.

To stop the Windows Update, in my case I had to close Windows Installer service.

The command is the same, except we give to it the PID, or we could use the /im parameter to target the executable image name. (/f force the closure)

taskkill /s remote_computer /u domain\username /p password /pid PID /f

Command reference


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