Add Domain Group to Local Admin Group – PowerShell

Hi everyone !

Today I will share a quick tip if you want to add a group to the locla admin group easily.

Sometime you need to use restricted group’s policy, but when the environement is already setup some time it’s easier to just do a batch.

The batch is nice as it target the OU you want, and it add the Domain Group you want to the local admin group. Please adjust the script for the Administrators groups name depending on the Windows language.

$DomainName = “CONTOSO”
$UserName = “Gestionnaire”
$User = [ADSI]”WinNT://$DomainName/$UserName,group”

$OUpath = ‘OU=Ordinateurs,DC=CONTOSO,DC=HQ,DC=qc,DC=ca’
$Computers = Get-ADComputer -Filter * -SearchBase $OUpath | Select-object

$Computers | ForEach {
$computerName = $_.Name
Write-Host $computerName
$AdminGroup = [ADSI]”WinNT://$computerName/Administrateurs,group”

Thanks everyone 🙂


List Installed Update WMI

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to share a small but handy tip to list all updates.

It come handy when you want to compare all updates on some machines for problems.

wmic qfe get hotfixid,installedon

The output look like that;

As you can see it’s easy after to compare server, or to know which update got installed when.

Remove Teams Auto Signin with Domain Account

Hi everyone !

Today I wanted to share a small tip if you want to disable team from using the domain upn when the session open for the first time.

The tip is nice as when the user open Team for the first time if you are hybrid / on-prem the users can have difficulty to open team as they need to select “use another email” in the windows footer. If the user don’t use the correct login then a loop happen, the sign-off seem impossible from Teams when it try to load an unexisting account. (Removing team and reisntalling it is the easiest workaround if it happen)

The tip can be easilly done by Group Policy.

The magic registry key to use in our case is SkipUpnPrefill (HCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\Teams)

You can create the settings are in GPP;

As you can see it’s a easy tip to do 🙂 (more read on the settings here;

Thanks everyone