Windows 10 IoT Terminal Deployment – Part 5 – HPDM – Auto-Enrollment into the Domain

Hi everyone

Today I will talk about the auto-enrollment inside the domain.

This task is possibly one of the first that would be done if you have a internal domain.

For this task I suggest to create a service account that will have the correct deleguated right. In my case, with my exytaordinary imagination, created an account named hpdm 😳🤷‍♂️

The task itselft is kinda straighforward to create from the HPDM, but if we want to autoenroll our devices, so if like our customers plug 100 or even 1000 of devices we want to do the less manual tasks possibles and with the autoenrollment we can target GPO to those computers afterward.

For rhe task please create too an OU where all those IoT device will be 🙂 a big party for them alone.. just kidding.

In the HPDM we will start by creating a rule with a first contact condition.

In my rule I will add another configuration too, I will rename the terminal. As the generic name is pretty ugly, I will add one easier to spot. Out of the box it’s a generic name generated from the MAC address, in my task I will rename the terminal to win10-mac.

Now for the rule;

The sub task :

Our domain creatial and the target OU:

The renaming task:

After we can apply that rule 🙂


I hope you enjoyed today tip !


Windows 10 – Can’t deploy printers – Spooler error 0x000006BA / 0x000003EB

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to talk a small bug I seen from some Windows 10 with UWF enabled.

The error I seen was 0x000003EB and 0x000006BA


The error is pretty generic, but the system greyed all the printers in the Windows 10’s list, and you can’t connect to other printers from the server, nor add them by GPP or by deploying them.


In the past I used to use a Microsoft KB .exe to fix and erase all the spooler, by a hard reset, but the utility was removed from the website, as such to find the exact cause or to reset the error I suggest to get that small Kyocera’s utility (KM Deleter) now;


The error in my case seemed to come from UWF, as I unlocked the spooler folder for read and write, but I miss some registry key. As seen there;


As you can see no file or driver were present, but the registry were, so it blocked the Windows 10 to reconnect to those printers.

In my case I allowed more exceptions in the UWF, but you can see those two errors can happen if the driver is badly setupped, or missing necessary files.