My first github contribution on !

Hi everyone

Now that is linked with github, everyone can help. Today I wanted to share a small thing I did, really a small thing, but it was really easy to do and it add visibility.

I did my first github contribution and it get commited to be visible on microsoft directly there ! 🙂 (

The github repository is there

The beautiful into that is that it’s easy to do.

First you setup a GitHub’s account.


After your account is created, you read the document and check where your skill can help. In my case I selected the iot subset. There I found a typo and I corrected it.

The github repository;


The next step is to contribute, in my case I edited that file;



After that you edit your file, and in the end you click to commit your change to the master branch, and voila it’s done, it just need a verification from a staff to approve the edit. As easy as that !!

The result 🙂






Saving PerfMon Counter selection

Hi today, my first post of 2019 😀

I will give a small tip today, if for debugging you need to select custom perfmon counter, and you always have to redo the same selection over and over again, the tip is for you.

It’s a way to simply save the perfmon selection, as such you will need to make launch manually mmc.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Management Console (mmc.exe)
  2. File -> Add/Remove Snap-ins
  3. Performance Monitor, Select Add, Select OK.
  4. Add your Counters
  5. File -> Save As

After that if you launch that saved applet, you will always have by default the wanted counter.


A small tip, but handy 😀