Windows 10 IoT – Removing Windows Update history

Hi everyone

In my latest blog post I talked on how to patch a IoT terminal when the SSD is small.

A tip not talked inside the blog post is how to remove unnecessary files after the update.

I dont recommend that tip if you have plenty of disk space, as it will break for you some ability, like to remove Windows KB.

The command to use is;

Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase

I will quote the same warning than on the Windows website;


All existing service packs and updates cannot be uninstalled after this command is completed. This will not block the uninstallation of future service packs or updates.

By running the command I save a 1 or 2 gigs. It’s not a lot, but on low disk space disk it mean a lot.

Thanks for reading, today was a small tip 🙂


Windows 10 IoT – Windows Update on small hard disk

Hi everyone

On IoT terminal often the hard disk is small, and there is a activity that can be a pain in such device, it’s to install a cumulative update.

The last update I did I had in example 7gigs of free space, and the uncompressing of the patch did fill the space completely to make the update fail.

To show the problem you can see these printscreens, please remark the free space available;

In my example in my struggle to install the patch, which is by itself 1.6gig, I tried to run the patch from the network, but voila, it’s not possible. You would receive such 0x80070003 error.

The tip I give today is to make an ISO with the patch, so you can mount the .ISO from a network share to trick the system.

I my case as Windows can’t make the ISO natively, I got a free tool to make the job, wincdemu. A lot of other tool exist to make that work by the way.

After the tool is installed, you can just right click your update folder, and select the Build an ISO image option.

You can name the ISO like patch.ISO.

In the Windows after you can mount the ISO to run the setup from there.
After it’s mounted you can run the EXE.

At that point you can wait.

Thanks everyone, hope the tip help some