Storage Sense GPO

Hi everyone

I wanted to share a small tip to manage Storage Sense settings by GPO;

It’s by registry setting in GPP, as the GPO’s console don’t have any template yet to set them.

Get a user configured with the wanted setting and get that registry hive;


Use those settings in a user GPP and you are all set 😀

Image from there

Published ressources, only one remote apps at a time in your Wyse – Dell terminals ? black screen’d

Hi everyone

Today I will share a small tip about Wyse and Dell terminal and Remote Apps

In newer build the line;

SysMode=vdi now work in a different manner for published apps, even if it allow application and or desktop to be opened, it now auto blank the screen around the application, thus rendering the remote app in a blocked stance, where no other remote app is able to be used.



The line must be set back to the classic mode;

SysMode=classic to allow multiple remote apps to be opened at once from the terminals.