Create another RDP-TCP Listener

Hi everyone

Today I will talk a small tip. It’s a tip if you need another set of configuration for a RDS|Terminal Server for users connections.

In my case I needed to had a rule for some users to not map their printers, but how can you be selective on a TS server ?

By creating another RDP-Tcp listener !

The GUI don’t offer a create or new menu, thus we will have to play in the registry for that tip.

I export HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp

2018-06-18 09-48-51

I change the setting, like that;

2018-06-18 09-48-38

In my case I change the import path, HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp to HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Distant

At that point we can restart the server, and voila we have two RDP listener ! So I can restrict the needed settings from the one I need 🙂






XenDesktop Setup – InstallComponent: Failed to install component ‘StoreFront’ – 0x00000643

Hi everyone

On a Windows Server 2008 R2, if you update an Citrix DDC 7.x with an Citrix StoreFront 2.x enabled on it, you might fall into that error;

09:38:53.9613 : XenDesktopSetup:About to install StoreFront with parameters: -silent -WINDOWS_CLIENT "\\xxxxxxx\XenApp_and_XenDesktop_7_15_1000\Citrix Receiver and Plug-ins\Windows\Receiver\CitrixReceiver.exe" -INSTALLDIR "C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront"
09:38:53.9613 : XenDesktopSetup:Starting synchronous process '\\xxxxxxx\XenApp_and_XenDesktop_7_15_1000\x64\StoreFront\CitrixStoreFront-x64.exe' with args '-silent -WINDOWS_CLIENT "\\xxxxxxx\XenApp_and_XenDesktop_7_15_1000\Citrix Receiver and Plug-ins\Windows\Receiver\CitrixReceiver.exe" -INSTALLDIR "C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront"'
09:40:00.2815 : XenDesktopSetup:Process completed with error code 0x00000643
09:40:00.2825 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:InstallComponent: Failed to install component 'StoreFront'. Échec d'installation du composant « CitrixStoreFront-x64.exe » avec l'erreur 0x00000643.
09:40:00.2825 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:Recording installation failure. Échec d'installation du composant « CitrixStoreFront-x64.exe » avec l'erreur 0x00000643.
09:40:00.2825 PROC : XenDesktopSetup:InstallComponent: Exit
09:40:00.2825 : XenDesktopSetup:Install tasks for this session have finished.
09:40:00.2835 : XenDesktopSetup:Installation failed
09:40:00.2845 : XenDesktopSetup:InstallationManager returned FailureAndRebootNeeded

If such symptom happen you can safely remove your StoreFront by Add/Remove Program, and reinstall the update.

The StoreFront 3 seem to have problem to upgrade the 2.x StoreFront installation

Windows Server Incremental’s Backup with an RDX-1000 (HP) or RD-1000 (Dell)

Hi everyone

Ever worried on how to do an incremental backup to an RDX-1000 tape device ? as Windows Backup Service detect the device as like a hard drive, but not completely an USB stick either, so without the tip a lot of administrator finish by using a share into the device to make a full backup each day.

The small tip I found is;

  • Create a VHD into the RDX-1000 tape.

2018-07-20 09-13-54

2018-07-20 09-15-53

  • Mount it as a drive.
  • And now use that drive as a destination !

That way you can have incremental backup  🙂


Removing DC role from an Exchange 2016 Server ?

Hi everyone

In the time of Exchange 2007 if you had a server with the active directory role on it, installing Exchange on top of it removed the ability to remove the active directory’s role later on.

In newer Exchange, like Exchange 2016, does this limitation is still there ?

Yes, the limitation is still there !

You can see the text there; Installing Exchange on a domain controller is not recommended

Demoting a domain controller to a member server isn’t supported.

I wanted to talk about it, as I still see some question about that, like seen there on ServerFault’s forum.