Windows Server 2019, 2016 – WINS Cluster


This blog post is about a feature that is really less used today, but some of you might still need it, WINS.

In case you try to make a WINS cluster you must know that Microsoft by default, from 2016, now block NetBIOS on the cluster IP. It would make it look like the port 137 is blocked.

To find the correct IP, open up MMC, Cluster, Roles, WINS and find the IP.

After we have the IP, we enable the NetBIOS that way with PowerShell;

Get-ClusterResource “IP-address” | Set-ClusterParameter EnableNetBIOS 1

A small tip, but still handy if you happen to need it.


Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10 – Find hidden disk space utilization

Hi everyone

I rarely do a post that promote a tool, but I had to do it this time, as I will share a tip if you can’t find where you used space go inside a Windows Server 2019 VM.

Explorer and tool like windirstat don’t see to list hidden folder that start with $.. (metadata file and stream in example) as such it seem a common pattern to be unable to locate where the disk space go.

To illustrate the problem seen I will paste picture from SF that I seen that illustrate the same problem as I seen;

As seen in this example the data is 99% full, but on explorer or windirstat’s windows you can see the files take only 33G out of the 500G available.

I suggest the tool WizTree to find the space in such case for the time other way exist.

Thanks everyone