SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_164: Failed to connect to Equallogic Array;maximum SSH CLI sessions reached


If you got that error it mean one thing, your SAN Equalogic got a too recent firmware for your Citrix XenServer 5.5. The XenServer take all SSH’s session and does not free them, so if HA is enable the VM will sometime load up, could be right now, in 15 minutes or in 1 hour. If HA is not there, then you will have to retry manually.

Firmware 5 > cause that error. Only workaroung is to cron a script like that in your hypervisor.



ps -u root -f | grep “ssh
grpadmin@GroupIPAddress” | while read psline;
pid=`echo $psline | awk ‘{print $2}’`
ppid=`echo $psline |
awk ‘{print $3}’`

if test $ppid -eq ‘1’ ; then

kill $pid



If HA is there, that will leave you error like that;


Be aware that it cause too bug in the % of space reported from the SAN. As it report it in GB, but the XenServer expect MB.


Upgrading to 5.6 > is the only solution !


Error loading profile when user password expire. (XP SP3 with roaming profile/Citrix UPM)

Hello everyone,

Ever got a problem that when the user password expire in active directory that the roaming profile does not load ?



Client OS: XP SP3

Microsoft released a private KB for that, following the blog post there; MS Hotfix for XP SP3 resolves the Citrix profile not loading when a user changes their password during logon

BUT, what my surprise if you use a product like Citrix User Profile Management, that does not work like it’s supposed to do.


Than in my research, I found that; CTX129128 – A New Local Profile is Created for a User if Must Change Password at Next Logon
Property is Enabled for Active Directory User



So yes the KB work, but because the Citrix UPM does not load enougth fast a local profile is laoded anyway.





With all my test done, both setting just work perfectly, so enjoy that small tip !