Windows 10 new handy tip !

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a new handy tip is new Windows 10’s build;

The ability to directly run as admin from the run dialog !

In the run dialogue you need to hold CTRL+SHIFT and click Ok (or enter) and the task will be run priviligied.
Microsoft’s change log :

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New visio stencil for Azure just release and FREE !

Hi everyone
Be ready to update your visio stencil for Azure, as a new set got published this week ! 🙂
Direct download:


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WinDbg … updated ??!

windbgToday WinDbg got a new look with a new build.

You can test it from that link;

The minimum requiered to run it is Windows 10 with the Creator Update.

Don’t forget to leave feedback ! There or via twitter to @aluhrs13






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sysadmin / netadmin handy visio’s template !

I wanted to share a small list of VISIO templates for any netadmin or sysadmin, always’s handy to have ! 🙂







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ReFS removed from Windows 10 Pro SKU

Microsoft announced in the fall creator’s update, Features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, that the ReFS’s use will now be restricted in the Windows 10 Pro SKU. The feature will be available only for Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 for Workstation.

It seem a Microsoft re-positionning after the release of Windows 10 for Workstation.

Now I just hope that some people didn’t buy the pro’s version for ReFS, as now they will be cut of that feature…

Creation ability will be available in the following editions only: Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations.

Creation ability will be removed from all other editions.  All other editions will have Read and Write ability.



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Windows 10 S Now available !

Hi everyone

I wanted to inform that Windows 10 S is now available on MSDN to download.

Its a new build with security and simplicity in mind.

The biggest change in it is it’s a lightweight berion of Windows 10, booting faster and allowing it to be installed on small PC. The main drawback is it allow only app from windows store to be installed into it.

Official link

Windows 10 S is streamlined for security and performance, and works exclusively with apps from the Windows Store.

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Windows Server 2016 NTFS sparse file/Data Deduplication Important KB!

Hi everyone

If you are using Windows Server 2016 with dedup an important KB is to install; KB4025334 !

There is a quote why;

KB4025334 prevents a critical data corruption issue with NTFS sparse files in Windows Server 2016. This helps avoid data corruptions that may occur when using Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2016, although all applications and Windows components that use sparse files on NTFS benefit from applying this update. Installation of this KB helps avoid any new or further corruptions for Data Deduplication users on Windows Server 2016.

Quote from there


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