Windows Server 2016: Shared Access Database Getting Corrupt on SMB

Hi everyone

Today less and less people use msaccess, but some still, and some still use multiuser database.

In such case after Windows 2008 R2 it can cause problem with new layer of SMB version, that allow oplock to be used, thus it can cause bug from the Access GUI, or even corruption of the data file.

To disable, on the server :


OplocksDisabled REG_DWORD 0 or 1
Default: 0 (not disabled)


EnableOplocks REG_DWORD 0 or 1
Default: 1 (enabled)

To be disabled at 100% let’s do the client’s computers too. Easily with a GPO


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Exchange 2016 – You don’t have permission to perform this action (OWA)


If you receive the error You don’t have permission to perform this action while any user try to send an email, then you are in big trouble..

2-5-2018 10-18-14 AM

Just kidding.

Some FAQ tell to go check the server DNS setting, to be sure it’s only internal’s DNS server listed there, but I found another cause for that problem.

It can happen when you do a CU (Cummulative Update) and the service get stuck in a Inactive state. No windows event log are logged too when such happen and your receive connector can still connect on port 25, but the server just look to do nothing.

To validate please run that powershell commandlet;


You can see some component in inactive state;

2-5-2018 3-54-02 PM

At this point you can put each component active, by issuing that command;

Set-ServerComponentState -Identity ServerName -Component HubTransport -State Active -Requester Functional

After all component are active it should be listed more like that;

2-5-2018 3-54-27 PM





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Quick tip to change the default search engine from Internet Explorer, bing to google

Hi everyone


Today I will show a small tip to change bing to google for your new tab in Internet Explorer.

1-3-2018 9-16-04 AM

First you go select Manage add-ons

1-3-2018 9-16-18 AM

You click Find more search provider

1-3-2018 9-16-37 AM

You select Add on Google Search

1-3-2018 9-16-50 AM

You click Add again

1-3-2018 9-16-58 AM

In the add-ons’s windows, make sure the Default is set to the one you want

1-3-2018 9-18-20 AM



Now you should be ok to change the search provider !

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Meltdown / Spectre quick check and update status

A quick way to see if you are at risk for CVE-2017-5754 (Meltdown) and CVE-2017-5715 (Spectre)

PS > Install-Module SpeculationControl

PS > Get-SpeculationControlSettings

If you see those red line you are at risk;

Hardware support for branch target injection mitigation is present: False

Windows OS support for branch target injection mitigation is present: False

Windows OS support for branch target injection mitigation is enabled: False

Windows OS support for kernel VA shadow is present: False

Windows OS support for kernel VA shadow is enabled: False


Now on another note, the patch KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192) break a lot of Antivirus.

If automatic updates are enabled, the January 2018 Windows security update will be offered to the devices running supported anti-virus (AV) applications. Updates can be installed in any order.

A quick and dirty tip, if the install is installed is to add that registry key for disabling the fix for the time your Antivirus get updated;

Contact your Anti-Virus AV to confirm that their software is compatible and have set the following  REGKEY on the machine

Value Name=”cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc”


ADV180002 | Guidance to mitigate speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities

January 3, 2018—KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192)



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Error 0x8004010F when you try to send or receive email in Outlook

Hi folks

Today I will talk a small issue I got this week on Outlook.

I have Outlook 2013, and for an unknown reason when I used to open Outlook the data file was opening, and I was able to see the PST content, but the Send / Receive was blocking with an error 0x8004010F.

I read Error 0x8004010F when you try to send or receive email in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 and without luck the error was still there.

I discovered that when you check the data file linked to your mail account, displayed there;


Even if the file exist and is visible, you need to be sure a folder is selected in that other windows too, displayed there at the bottom;



Enjoy the small tip 🙂







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October’s 10 Delta Patch


Windows devices may fail to boot after installing October 10 version of KB4041676 or KB4041691 that contained a publishing issue.

Please watch out any WSUS or SCCM admin, as when Microsoft will expire those two patch a resync might be necessary to remove those patchs from your console.

For full detail please read more there;

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MS Ignite goodies :)

Hi everyone

This week I was proud and honored to be part of the MVP Wall of Fames at #MSIgnite !

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