Windows Server: Remote Desktop Error: The task you are trying to do can’t be completed because Remote Desktop Services is currently busy

Hi everyone

Today I will talk about a tip to kill / reset any RDP session when it’s locked out and that give the error “The task you are trying to do can’t be completed because Remote Desktop Services is currently busy”


You will see some printscreen with the ica-rdp’s description, but I’am using the Windows Server built-in tool to reset the session, and the RDP’s session manager was in error too for that session. (ica is built over rdp)

From that MMC you see an active session, but no application run.

When that happen you will have those symptoms:

  • In taskmgr you will see no application under the useraccount in error
  • In the RDP’s MMC you will not see the user logged, even if you see everyone else logged.
  • The user profile is lock. (IE, you can’t delete it)
  • The winlogon process seem to never finish for that session


From the MMC you can’t kill the session or reset it as it does not offer the choice to do it.

The first thing to do is a query session in command shell to validate. There we can see the real status, it’s still in Connecting.


After you can issue a reset session <session-name>.


Now relax and enjoy, you just saved yourselft a server restart for a hung connection 🙂

In my case the culprit was a bad GPO for that user.


Windows Server: Code 19: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged

Hi everyone

If you happen to come accross this error it can have multiple cause.




– Re-installing the driver does NOT fix the error.

– Erasing and to let the system to re-install does NOT fix the error.



– Check in the registry under : HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass and find the device that give you problem. In my case it was a Tape Driver, so I looked in each Class to find the description matching the error.



– In the correct device class erase the LowerFilters key


– Restart the server


Now it should work !


A reference (it show another code 19 error):