Windows 10 – Unified Write Filter – Quick tip for the monitor resolution

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to share a quick tip if you want to allow your users to set their own resolution.

By default the unified write filter allow some registry key, but when a user set a resolution, that setting currently impact all users sessions, so that specific setting is inside the HKLM.

As the seeting can change depending on the terminal you use, I would give you the tip to find the correct keys.

I used process monitor, and I log what SystemSettings do in the registry when you click to change the resolution, in example;

As you can see, the registry key might be long, you can select to easilly copy it;

Inside the terminal after, add the exception for that registry key hive;

That will allow you user to set the resolution they want, and it will not come back to the default’s one.

Thanks for the reading


In Remote Desktop how to send CTRL-ALT-DEL

Hi everyone, today I waned to share a small tip that not everyone know; how to send the famous key stroke CTRL-ALT-DELETE to the remote system in Remote Desktop.

It’s always useful, in case you want to bring the task manager, or to try to recover from a unresponsible session.

ctrl+alt+end is the prescribed way to do this.

A small tip it’s, but it’s handy to have 🙂

You can see other shortcut there; Remote Desktop Tips and Tricks