New Dell Firmware for the Equalogic (v6.0.6-H2)

Hi, there is a new critical hotfix for the Dell EqualLogic available;


There is the resume of it;


The v6.0.6-H2 firmware fixes a critical issue where, in rare circumstances, an error handling routine is not properly executed. Currently, this has only been observed in VMware environments, where a VMFS datastore may experience heartbeat metadata corruption, impacting the ability to perform operations on virtual machines (VMs). However, there is a small risk that a similar issue could be observed in non-VMware environments as well.

Following best practices can help improve the resiliency of your environment and your customer environment. If you have not already done so, we strongly recommend that you adopt the guidelines articulated in the technical report titled, “Best Practices when Implementing VMware vSphere in a Dell EqualLogic PS Series SAN Environment,” which can be found at the link below: extras/m/white_papers/20434601.aspx

Firmware v6.0.6-H2 carries forward all the feature improvements and fixes delivered with v6.0 and the maintenance releases up through v6.0.6.


Thanks everyone, and happy patching !




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