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Windows 7 VDI and ESX 5.1 – BSOD or PVS slowliness !!

Hi everyone !   Did you have a Citrix Provisionning Server to stream some Windows 7 machine ? and they are hosted on Windows & ??   To be ok, you need a private KB, and to do that;   … Continue reading

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Citrix Provisioning Services 7.1.1 Install Media Error

Hi everyone !   I wanted to share that if you use the Citrix PVS install media 7.1.1 and that you need the local SQLExpress, THEN install it FIRST ! I did three test so far, the setup does not prompts … Continue reading

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SAN Dell Equallogic firmware’s flaw

Hi everyone For the second times in less than 4 years I saw a Equallogic dying… The first time the SAN was running on a 4.x firmware. One disk spread the corruption to the whole unit.  Following Dell advice we … Continue reading

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The saga of the Bad Keyboard Layout (XenDesktop 5+ + DesktopAppliance) (CTX coming for that bug)

Hi everyone Today I will post about a big bug. Seem a easy’s one, but it took 2 Tier 3 support technician from Citrix and 1 dev from Citrix to get a workaround 🙂 (Not to forget the support case … Continue reading

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SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_164: Failed to connect to Equallogic Array;maximum SSH CLI sessions reached

If you got that error it mean one thing, your SAN Equalogic got a too recent firmware for your Citrix XenServer 5.5. The XenServer take all SSH’s session and does not free them, so if HA is enable the VM … Continue reading

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Error loading profile when user password expire. (XP SP3 with roaming profile/Citrix UPM)

Hello everyone, Ever got a problem that when the user password expire in active directory that the roaming profile does not load ?   Client OS: XP SP3 Microsoft released a private KB for that, following the blog post there; … Continue reading

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The hypervisor was not contactable at the supplied address

On Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller, an annoyance if you don’t replace the default certificate with a thrusted’s one on your XenServer(s). For lab I suggest to keep using HTTP over HTTPS and if the custumer don’t want to buy certificate … Continue reading

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