Group Policy – Windows 10 – Push Zoom

Hi everyone !

Today I wanted to share a small topic if you got yourseft a park of Windows 10 computer and they are managed.

Zoom unlike Teams don’t allow a user to update the software easilly if the user isn’t an local admin by default.

To bypass that problem we can get the Zoom admin pack, and the admx to allow the software to update itself.

First go to the download site of zoom (, and click Download for IT.

Click to download the MSI

Next we go download the Zoom ADMX , there

We now put the ADMX files inside our policies folder of our Domain Controller;

From there we can now create a new GPO !

We click Computer -> Software Installation -> Add package…

Click on the .MSI you got in the previous step

The software should be listed correctly at that point;

Now go inside the Zoom Meeting section in the computer section too, and make sure the Enable the AutUpdate feature.

And voila, you are ready to deploy 🙂