Active Directory Replication Tool


Today I wanted to share a nice project that was done by someone I know to test for AD Replication status.

The feature is really nice and it allow to diagnostic any replication error, or to see if it’s working correctly.

To see how it look; (images took from the github reposterie)

To quote github, the reason behind the tool are;

  • The old version of the tool had a time bomb in it – an expiring SSL certificate – that rendered the app unusable sometime around September 2022. Only through great effort internally were we able to periodically renew this certificate and republish the app, and the app was architected in such a way that excising the signing certificate check was more work than just rewriting the whole thing. (I know about the Sirona DLL hack, but still.)
  • The old tool had no active maintainers and no one who was still around was familiar with the app’s internals or source code.
  • The old tool was showing its age… I mean, that Office-style ribbon was straight out of the Windows Vista era, was it not? Plus it contained a bunch of outdated TechNet links. You might argue that WinForms is similarly old-fashioned, but I just so happen to think WinForms is and always was PEAK Windows UI.
  • Now we can maintain and improve this tool together. The Active Directory community.

If you want to get it, see the GitHub link there : ADReplStatus