Debugging Edge Policies

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to share some small tips to debug Egde policies.

Not everyone know it, but you can list your GPO settings you push to the client !

It’s a really nice add-on to Edge, as it allow to see if your targetting in your GPO work or not, and if the settings you push is the desired’s one.

To display the windows you just have to enter in the browser bar; edge://policy

A windows like this one will appear;

Inside the windows you have the timestamps of the last time the policy was retrived.

If you need tod ebug IE Enterprise mode you can go to the edge://compat windows.

Like in that example we can see the .xml push by GPO was in error.

Next post I will talk how to debug the xml’s file 🙂 but with those tips atleast now we can spot where the error is if the policy dont work as intended.

Thanks everyone for the read !