Wait for printer(s) Mapping on RemoteApp publication

Hi ! Today I wanted to share a small tip if you need to wait for the printer mapping to map before openning a RemoteApp.

This tip is handy in case where the application doesn’t refresh it’s internal list of printer when it start.

Microsoft Office suite is done perfect for that matter, as you can open it, as the list of printer just update when it’s ready to be used.

Some older applications (even newer) are done in more primitive’s way need the printer to be there when it start.

Sage 50 is a good example, and there is some in like FoxPro language, so the tip is still valid today.

The tip is to publish a command file, .cmd or .bat that launch the application, but inside the script you can enter that before launching the app;

@echo off
ping -n 3>null

That example will add a 3 second delay before openning the application.


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