Upgrading HP Thin Client T420


Today I wanted to share a tip if someday you want to upgrade the hard disk that Thin Client terminal. As by default it come with a 32 or 64 g HDD.

The terminal come with Windows 10 LTSB 2016 by default, which can be upgraded to LTSC 2019 with added licensing from HP, but it can be hard to do the update with the smaller SSD that the unit has, so the upgrade can be necessary in the end. (I didn’t tried Windows 11 in it)

The interior look that way;

As you can see we have not much room for improvement, but in that specific case I would be using the WiFi pciex connector to connect the new SSD.

I remove the card;

The goal will be to put an adapter;

In the end it look that way;

I recommend to use a small SSD, to be able to close back the case.

After that we can boot, and install the OS inside the SSD 🙂


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