Windows Azure AD Join missing option

Hi everyone !

Today I wanted to talk a small issue that can happen if you try to join a machine to Azure AD. The issue is the Join Azure AD’s option is just not displayed in the Account’s windows but would work in OOBE.

That would show that way;

The error can come if the computer got no internet access, as it can’t log into Azure at all. The error can come too if you have a Microsoft Account too into the computer, like there;

For that computer I was able to log to an Microsoft Account AND an Azure AD account, but the computer was forced to stay inside a unmanaged state as the option to join the Azure AD was just not there.

To allow the computer to join the Azure AD you need in that case to remove the Microsoft’s account. That will allow you to join the Azure AD, like shown there after the removal of the Microsoft’s account;

After you can join completely;

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