GPO – Per machine Printer Settings

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to share a small script if you use per machine GPO / GPP to distribute local TCP/IP printers to your computers park.

If like me sometime the settings are not push correctly I did a small script that check the local printer and find the corresponding print queue on the print server to set the options in the computer.

It seemed a need for me in some case depending on which driver I use, as some revert to the basic settings when pushed. The printing’s default got ignored in such case.

The script look like that;

$Printers = Get-Printer
Foreach ($Printer in $Printers) { 

$PrintConfig = Get-PrintConfiguration -ComputerName PRINTSERVER -PrinterName $
Set-PrintConfiguration -PrinterName $ -PrintTicketXML $PrintConfig.PrintTicketXML

The script loop all locals printer and find the corresponding printer on the print server to set the option.

The script assume you use the same printer name than the one on the print server, which for me was logical because you have to enter a target print queue for publishing the printer.