Reset all printers share security / ACL to the default fast


Today I will share a tip if you need to reset a lot of printers share to the default security.

It come handy to me as if you secure too much your pritnqueue,it might block per computer GPP in example.

First, choose a printer that will be the template for all others.

Make sure Administrators, Everyone, Creator Owner, Print Operator and Server Operator is listed.

It should look that way;

First picture in workgroup, and second you add those accounts in domain.

After your template is done, you need a small powershell script, it look that way;

$printerperms = (Get-Printer -ComputerName PrintSvr -Name admin-printer -Full).PermissionSDDL
$allprinters = Get-Printer -ComputerName PrintSvr -Name * | Select name -ExpandProperty name
foreach ($printer in $allprinters)
{Set-Printer $printer -PermissionSDDL $printerperms -ComputerName PrintSvr}

Make sure to replace PrintSvr with your print server and make sure to replace admin-printer with the printer that you used as a template.

Thats all, Thanks for reading!


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