Windows 10 build 2004 – Login script – Net Use Problem

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to share a small problem with Windows 10’s newer build, 2004.

Login script that use net use no longer seem able to be used, the mapping no longer work.

To work around the issue you have two possible’s way;

Add a timeout in the script’s beginning;

timeout /t 60

or add a delete script first before the mapping;

NET USE * /DELETE /YES persistent: yes

Be sure that setting is set too, set it if not already before trying to make the workaround;

Computer Configuration

  » Administrative Templates

    » System

      » Logon

        » Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon

Some other mentionned that Enabling SMBv2 could help, but it all depend on your environnement, as in my case it happened between Windows 10 2004 client and a new DC in 2019.



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