How to automount a USB device class in Windows Server Virtual Machine from a ESX

Hi everyone!

Today I will share a tip if you need to automount some USB device inside your Windows VM.

The goal can be to auto mount some necessary devices, in my case it was to aumount USB HDD used for the backup chain.

The first step is to mount it to the VM with the ESX’s control.

When it’s mounted, you will be able to naviguate there to find the corrcet ID;




From there we have our USB ID; Check the line HardwareID

We now need to go to our ESX datastore to edit the VM .vmx’s file;


In the file VMX, we add that line;


usb.autoconnect.device0 = “0x1058:0x25e2”

As you can see we used our hardwareID to make that entry inside the VMX


Time to test after, unplug and plug the device, and it should reconnect now 🙂



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