Microsoft Q&A Launch !

Hi everyone

Good news from Microsoft today, Microsoft Q&A is launched and will soon replace the Technet Forum. The direct link is there.


Good new users would be able to link to their old Technet profile in Q1 of 2020 🙂

For over 10 years the MSDN and TechNet Forums played a key part in enabling our customers to unblock their business scenarios by offering a platform where technical questions could be answered by Microsoft and the community . As time progressed, and technology evolved, the needs of the community grew beyond what the existing solution could provide. We started on a journey to identify a new, robust solution which would support our need to evolve the user experience.

We’re excited to share an important milestone in the journey, introducing the preview release of Microsoft Q&A – the place to get answers to all your technical questions on Microsoft products and services.

Just wanted to share it as it’s a good news, as the old forum was starting to show it’s ages.

Thanks everyone, and happy hunt in the news forum 🙂


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