Active-Directory – Invoke-InternalEnsureADDSComponentInstallState not recognized – DCPromo

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to share a error I stumbled into this week.

It’s after adding the ADDS’s roles, in the dcpromo wizard, A Invoke-InternalEnsureADDSComponentInstallState is not recognized.

Sans titre

It happened to me on a Windows Server 2019.

The error was resolved by;

– Removing the dotnet feature

– Restarting

– Removing the ADDS role

-Re adding the ADDS role

– Re-running the wizard.

Kinda an easy fix, but not many people stumbled into that bug as I found almost no ressource that talk about it.

Enjoy the tip ! Thanks everyone


Edit : I had a comment that the step can break the ServerManager and other tools. I can share the link the user gave as it’s good information, more for 2016.

I confirm in my test ServerManager still work and I didnt seen anything broke, but it’s in 2019 I did it.