RDS: HP Thin OS resolution problem in Full Screen mode !

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to share a small error I found into the HP thin client that has the Thin OS.

The error impact that RDP setting when you create a RDP connection;


The resolution can bug on the setting page. You ask me what bug it can cause ? well if you do a RDP’s session in fullscreen mode, the user will think they use a resolution X, but in reality the terminal server will see the correct resolution Y.

The bug happen with different display adapter or monitor.

The Thin OS seem to detect the possible resolution from the monitor and limit the choice, but the GUI is not limited to that list. xrandr offer a list while the GUI offer the full list.

As you can see in that printscreen is that exact problem, I set 1280×768 into the left windows, no error, and it’s set, but in the right windows we see the current resolution is 1920×1080 and 1280×768 is not possible..


The tip is to issue an xrandr command to see what we can use;


and to set it to one of those resolution..

For me it’s a bug, as if you manually set the resolution with xrandr, like in my example 1280×768 that I tried without success with the GUI, but it work if I set it with xrandr by hand.. but no config file are possible to change to add an custom mode resolution.. So the change is lost on reboot.

Enjoy the small tip, got me some time to manage that the GUI is in error.

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