Unable to rename domain controller: Account already exists

Hi everyone

I seen an interesting bug yesterday, it was about Windows Server 2019 and a error when you try to rename a new domain controller to the old name of a retiered’s one;

The error Windows was giving was:

The account already exists.

The culprit into that case was a left over that was visible in ADSI Edit. The exact location was;

Configuration -> CN=Sites -> CN=Default-First-Site-Name -> CN=Servers -> CN={Old Domain Controller}.


As simple as that, but it need a bit of playing in ADSI Edit 🙂



Windows Update Error 80243004

Hi everyone

If you stumble into the Windows Update error 80243004 please know there is an easy way to resolve it.


The bug is related to missing icon in the systray, so we go check there, we right-click the systray and click property;


We click personnalize;


On that windows we click to show all icon in the systray.



After that the Windows Update should work correctly 🙂