My first github contribution on !

Hi everyone

Now that is linked with github, everyone can help. Today I wanted to share a small thing I did, really a small thing, but it was really easy to do and it add visibility.

I did my first github contribution and it get commited to be visible on microsoft directly there ! 🙂 (

The github repository is there

The beautiful into that is that it’s easy to do.

First you setup a GitHub’s account.


After your account is created, you read the document and check where your skill can help. In my case I selected the iot subset. There I found a typo and I corrected it.

The github repository;


The next step is to contribute, in my case I edited that file;



After that you edit your file, and in the end you click to commit your change to the master branch, and voila it’s done, it just need a verification from a staff to approve the edit. As easy as that !!

The result 🙂





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