Windows 7/10 + Terminal + SmartCard Redirection with XenDesktop

Hi everyone

In some instance you might have to use a smartcard inside a windows session, using the smartcard in Internet Explorer, not to login to the VM, it’s a simple scenario, but in some occasion it can be a headache.

Imagine you have some terminal;

That will force you to do a redirection of the USB device;

That way with a Wyse;

Device=vusb ForceRedirect=0x08E6,0x0000,0x00,0x00,0x00 (You have to replace the ID with the Smart Card ID you have)

Now if you connect to a Windows’s OS hosted with XenDesktop you will have another problem, the VDA’s agent badly handle the said smartcard, thus you have to remove that CtxHook

You simply erase the folder Smart Card Hook

3-20-2018 9-33-56 AM

You reboot the Windows session, and voila, the next time you will have to use your smartcard in Internet Explorer the prompt will display and work as expected !




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