Windows 7/10, vSphere 5.5+, Citrix Desktop Studio Power State Unknown

Hi everyone

In your vSphere do you happen to have Windows 7 or 10 streamed VM that got in a reported as in an Unknown Power State ? if yes please follow my tip.

From that screen you remove that VM from your DDC inventory.

3-22-2018 2-54-02 PM

On the vSphere you remove it too from the inventory, don’t delete from disk

3-22-2018 2-54-29 PM

You click to browse your datastore

3-22-2018 2-55-05 PM

On your VM .vmx you right click to

3-22-2018 2-55-27 PM

You follow that wizard

3-22-2018 2-55-36 PM

Now you return in the DDC, you need to re-add that machine

3-22-2018 2-58-31 PM

In your desktop group your re-add it too;

3-22-2018 2-58-51 PM


Now both system will be syncro !



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