DNS Server Service – Error 1717: The interface is unknown

Hi everyone

Yesterday I stomped into a new bug, I wanted to share it with you guys.

After some Windows Update on a Server 2008 R2, I got that wonderful message from the service manager for the DNS server service:

Windows could not start the DNS Server service on Local Computer. 
Error 1717: The interface is unknown.


After some research I found this blog post and some Microsoft KB that talk about the EventLog that can have bad permission, thus I resetted those permission:

Per the MS KB, it’s those I need to set: (KB there: Error message when attempting to start the Windows Event Log Service: “Access denied”)

Restore the default permissions on %SystemRoot%\System32\winevt\logs.

Authenticated user – List folder/read data, Read attributes, Read Extended attributes, Read permissions
Administrators – Full control 
SYSTEM – Full control 
EventLog – Full control

After that, the service still give me an Access Denied 5 error, now I simply moved all EventLog file from that folder to a backup folder, and I tried to restart the eventlog service, and now it was working ok !


After that change the DNS Server Service was able to start with the eventlog ! 🙂



Image took from there and there


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