Windows VDA – KMS’s problem – Resetting rearm count

Hi everyone !

Today I will talk about a problem I seen often if you manage a big streamed virtual desktop’s group. The loss of the KMS’s activation, not due to a Windows’s problem, but a problem with the streaming software that does not generate unique KMS’s key.

An example of bad health on the KMS’s host; …


Open the Provisioning Services Console


Mount a vdisk in maintenance’s mode


Use regedit, click HKLM->Load Hive, and open in the new attached partition the SYSTEM’s file. 

10-19-2016 11-10-31 AM.png

Give it a temporary name

10-19-2016 11-11-31 AM.png

Naviguate to HKLM\WPA, and erase that folder completely.


Now unmounts the vdisk.


After load the virtual machine up.

Issue that command; slmgr /rearm, and close the VM.

Now watch your KMs’s host event log, unique ID should be displayed 🙂

Now it’s finished 🙂




Thanks !



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