Dell | Wyse Terminal badly support VLAN tagging and DHCP’s problem

Hi, today I will talk about a issue I found today.

The Wyse Xenith & CL0 serie brougth a lot of headache for the DHCP’s request, as it seem to spam before the network port open. The STP kill the DHCP’s attemp. So, the fix is quite easy, port-fast for each port.

Today I felt on a bigger problem. After some upgrade in my park, I found myselft with the re-surfacing DHCP’s problem. I was there, why ???

I wireshark’ed the network traffic, and after some test I found that tagged VLAN’s traffic is just not an option with those Wyse.

I was in the default VLAN’s ID (1), and the port set as access or trunk or any other type just didn’t work. I even see other DHCP offer, wich was really strange… (DHCP offer from the VLAN 50)

Thus, now I tested it with a old dummy switch, and no more problem ….


The moral of the story :


User HAPPY on DELL Client = port-fast + no VLAN