Error loading profile when user password expire. (XP SP3 with roaming profile/Citrix UPM)

Hello everyone,

Ever got a problem that when the user password expire in active directory that the roaming profile does not load ?



Client OS: XP SP3

Microsoft released a private KB for that, following the blog post there; MS Hotfix for XP SP3 resolves the Citrix profile not loading when a user changes their password during logon

BUT, what my surprise if you use a product like Citrix User Profile Management, that does not work like it’s supposed to do.


Than in my research, I found that; CTX129128 – A New Local Profile is Created for a User if Must Change Password at Next Logon
Property is Enabled for Active Directory User



So yes the KB work, but because the Citrix UPM does not load enougth fast a local profile is laoded anyway.





With all my test done, both setting just work perfectly, so enjoy that small tip !