The hypervisor was not contactable at the supplied address

On Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller, an annoyance if you don’t replace the default certificate with a thrusted’s one on your XenServer(s). For lab I suggest to keep using HTTP over HTTPS and if the custumer don’t want to buy certificate too.

Try that if you got HTTPS and a unthrusted certificate:

But a big sidenote of that documentation it’s that you have to re-install the certificate from time to time, the certificate even if installed you loose the connection to the XenServer from the DDC… so you re-import it in the correct store, and voila it work again… (btw, bug not present in XenDesktop 4, only 5)

To install a certificate on the server running Desktop Delivery Controller
1. Locate the root certificate file in Windows Explorer.
2. Right-click the root certificate file and select Install Certificate. The Certificate Manager Install Wizard appears.
3. On the Welcome page, click Next.
4. On the Certificate Store page, select Place all certificates in the following store.
5. Click Browse.
6. Select Show physical stores.
7. Select Local Computer.
8. Click OK.
9. Follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the install.

Quoted from there

There is a link for vCenter, to force HTTP and not HTTPS [+]

ps, I wonder if you can import a certificate with a .cmd (to make a scheduled task), something I got to look for


4 thoughts on “The hypervisor was not contactable at the supplied address

  1. SSL is Secured Socket Layer. Everything passed on is dulboe encrypted. So no chance of getting hold of the information.Well I am sure about importing a SSL certificate but not very sure about the server side. I remember doing it some months ago.. but not very sure.. u need to install some services for that. Check any windows server 2003 book you will find it. Importing into IE is easy. Just goto tools internet options content certificates import and follow the wizard.


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